Richard Stretton founded Koop Design in Durban in 1993 after graduating as an architect, consistently producing both furniture and architectural design.

Koop’s architecture is recognized for its strong design and high degree of structural and spacial resolution. Stretton’s furniture is playful, sophisticated, finely crafted and maintains an original and uniquely South African design identity. Koop has evolved between the workshop, the design studio and the building site.

Inspired solutions happen in the face of challenges on projects. The aesthetic of the furniture or building is generated out of the manufacture process or system required to deliver it. The system comes first.

It is our experience that the success of an architectural or interior project relies on engaging, providing for and delighting the user. This is achieved by developing a singular and powerful concept in the early stages of the project from which all design and implementation can be holistically developed and delivered.

Our blog ATKOOP shows our current projects and other activities in the office.  Visit our website to more projects http://www.koopdesign.co.zakoop logo

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